What Is the Center for Compassionate Leadership?

Can you feel the shift happening? The momentum? The hope? A new discipline of compassionate leadership is emerging around us right now, at all levels and types of organizations, from dedicated groups of volunteers working to make their community a better place to the largest multinationals.

The movement is evolving in response to trends like:

  1. The growing awareness in business that compassion matters, coupled with research that shows that most executives say they would like to but don’t know how to lead with compassion.

  2. Younger workers say they want more than just a paycheck. They also want to contribute their energies to organizations whose values align with theirs, and where they also feel valued and respected.

  3. The increasing body of research and data showing that compassionate leadership practices generate improved outcomes.

We founded the Center for Compassionate Leadership to advance a new way to lead in this world. Our four-pronged approach includes:

  1. A Community of Support – We are building a home for the many people interested in this emerging field. Please join us. Follow us. Spread the word. If you have an idea to share with others as to how we can accelerate the growth of compassionate leadership, please let us know – we’d love to help promote your ideas.

  2. Education – We are a hub for education and training for a range of teachers and approaches in the field. In addition, the Center has developed a foundational model for training compassionate leadership. Our model seeks to develop and strengthen the innate capacity for compassion that we are all born with. Our model is based on the core belief that we build compassion from the inside out, starting with self-compassion, moving to compassion for others, and finally turning to using compassion for the greater good.

  3. Research – We are actively scanning the research landscape to highlight the most insightful studies affecting the emerging discipline of compassionate leadership. In addition, our initial proprietary research is focused on entrepreneurs, who are natural changemakers and represent one of the most productive incubators to bring about change in the world.

  4. Thought leadership – By providing a forum for discussion of diverse and emerging perspectives around compassionate leadership, our synthesis of the best thinking in the field will drive the adoption of these practices more quickly.

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